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Home Design — Site Planning

We spend most of our lives in our home, the form and character of which profoundly influence our sense of well being.

When we consider the benefits of a harmonious living environment, it makes sense to give thoughtful attention to the attributes of the site before planning a new home. Once taken into consideration, the elements of your new home will naturally fall into place as the conceptual design evolves through easy, collaborative conversation.

If your present home does not meet your needs, an on site discussion and analysis will lead to a satisfying solution, sometimes surprisingly affordable.

We offer a free initial meeting to get acquainted, review our work methods, portfolio of completed projects and fee proposal at our studio office in Halfmoon Bay.

G.Tremblay Home Design works with you to achieve an affordable and graciously livable housing solution. Projects completed since 1981 are located on the Lower Mainland and the Sunshine Coast.


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